Rene Lalique, a very rare Perroquets glass perfume bottle, with a stopper, model Flacon P, designed circa 1919, polished and black stained, the stopper of fan form, incised marks R Lalique and number 848, height excluding stopper 8.6cm Note: no other physical example of this design is known or recorded to date. The bottle is listed in Marcilhac with an image, likely from the original design registration when registered at the Bureau des Modeles on 12 June 1920. Marchilhac was never able to record a height for the bottle (which is similar to other oreilles type bottles produced by Rene Lalique). Other references - Lalique Perfume Bottles Updated Photo Supplement and Updated Addendum Listing - photographic and written supplements to the Utt's classic work Lalique Perfume Bottles By Utt, Glenn and Utt, Mary 2001 (the picture in the photo supplement is the same as that in the Marcilhac, with size and marks also listed as ?unknown? in the written supplement). Although the stopper top design is not as depicted in Marchilhac, the base of the stopper does appear original to the bottle and is a good fit, with a design very much in line with the motifs on the bottle handles.

Sold for: £15,000

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