Selling at Kinghams

Free valuation for sale
Kinghams Auctioneers offer a free valuation service for any item brought into the Salerooms and host a valuation day every Tuesday. An appointment with the appropriate specialist is advisable. If you have a number of items to sell, or house contents, please email us to request a house visit with images and information on the items and one of our expert valuers will be in touch to arrange an appointment.
The reserve price
We usually recommend that your goods are sold at the auctioneers's discretion, allowing us a 10% leeway on the lower estimate as printed in the catalogue. Alternatively, we are happy to agree a fixed reserve price below which we will not sell. 
Before the auction
You will receive notification of the lot numbers of your items with full descriptions approximately two weeks before the sale. We would advise to check this over thoroughly and contact us immediately if there are any changes to be made.  
Our sale results are sent out within five working days of the auction and settlement is usually made four weeks after the sale, subject to normal business conditions. 
Our commission is 15% (+ VAT) per lot.
There is a charge of £5.00 (+VAT) per lot sold or unsold.
There is a charge of £10.00 (+VAT) per furniture lot sold or unsold (defined by staff).
Insurance is charged at 1.5% (+ VAT) of hammer price or bottom estimate if unsold. 
To see our standard terms and conditions of sale click here.


The Ivory Act restricts the sale of items made entirely or mostly from elephant ivory. There are a limited number of exemptions to this ban:

If your item falls under one of these criteria we can apply for an exemption certificate and if successful auction your item on your behalf. Please note an administrational fee applies to this.